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Команда форума

  1. For completing the quest - "小型拖拉机的进化" now the correct item is given - 坤神之沙;
  2. Using a "防具源晶碎片" now grants mastery points in 炼金;
  3. Added the function of turning buildings near houses that did not previously have it;
  4. Partially solved the problem with the inability to open the portal to the 炼金术士塔:
    If, when trying to open the teleport from 传送魔法书, you get the error - 没有权限, unfold the house (the corner where the fireplace is located) using the new function, then delete the old teleport point and add a new one.
  5. The count of installed interior items in the 炼金术士塔 is now calculated correctly;
  6. Raid boss 利维坦 lifespan increased to 6 hours;
  7. The deposit at the 拍卖场 is temporarily reduced to 1% for all options for placing the lot.