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AAFree's birthday!

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Dear players!

Quite recently, a significant date took place - 1 year of our project. It's time to start celebrating! In gratitude for being with us, gifts have been prepared for each of you. Thanks for your dedication to the game! Read about what gifts are waiting for you below


  • Fairy Plushie will visit the game capitals from August 12 to 19. He will be able to get the "Divine Energy" effect for a period of 1 hour. This effect will help you a little in the game.
  • All players who have a level 53 character and higher on their account will be able to receive gifts until 10:00 on August 19. There are several nice souvenirs in gifts:

  1. Narayana Plushie Pet;
  2. Flamedancer (30 day);
  3. Greenhouse set;
  4. Combat Supply Box (3 pieces).

  • During the week, opening the chests from the game event Monster Hunt will bring you additional loyalty token.

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