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Arena Compensation

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Dear players!
I would like to tell you about the situation related to the system of selection of opponents. Last month, we regularly excluded players from the rating, based on a system of indicators (markers), if their number exceeded a certain limit, the player was excluded from the rating. Perhaps it seemed to someone that the rating reset system was only directed against certain people, but this is not so.
Unfortunately, the mechanism of the system in version 3.5 cannot be perfect, due to the fact that this version has a "ceiling" in the implementation of certain ideas and mechanics, the system will be finalized already in version 4.0 (which will be installed in the near future).
Based on the above, we would like to announce a number of changes:

1) All characters on the accounts of players who have level 55 and who entered the game at least once in the period from November 1 00:00 to November 30 12:00 Moscow time and did not receive jewelry according to the rating results in November, will receive a set of quality jewelry Legendary. Please note that the jewelry is temporary and will disappear after 30 days;
Equip Effect:

2) We are introducing a restriction on a number of actions on the part of alternative accounts. Now registration in arenas from the side of alternative accounts is prohibited. Further use of alternative accounts to register arenas may result in sanctions, including for the main account.
3) In one of the future updates, it will be possible to launch only one window of the game client at a time on the computer;
4) The arena registration system will be overhauled in one of the 4.0 updates. The Bruisers Badge system will be abolished, and the possibility of additional entrance to arenas will be possible using another item.
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