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Ayanad Library [Guide]

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General Information

Ayanad Library instance is found on Diamond Shores in Auroria. Players usually level to Level 55 in this instance.

There are 3 floors in this instance. There are also daily quests for each level that will reward you with items you can navigate between levels using portals positioned in the corners of each floor. Travelling through one of the portals whisks you to the next floor’s rest area in which you can interact with a general merchant, blacksmith, warehouse, mailbox, Memory Tome, and Ayanad NPCs looking for adventurers to explore the library’s depths. At each of these mini-hubs, your group can travel through an instance portal to adventure into one of two unique dungeons: a floor-specific boss battle or a “Corner Reading Room” progressive encounter.


Library Floors:

• Floor 1: Encyclopedia (non-conflict zone)

• Floor 2: Libris Garden (conflict zone)

• Floor 3: The Screaming Archives (conflict zone)

• Daily Quests

The quests are divided into days of the week, one of the quests is to kill 20, 40 and 60 mobs on any of the floors, and after reaching level 54 there will be an additional quest ("An Ayanad Agent, Part 1, 2, 3") which requires you to kill - 25, 50 and 75 mobs.

For completing the daily quests (described below), the character will receive the “Ayanad Wizard's Token”, which is necessary to complete the Ayanad Earring questline.

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