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[Bonus] AAFree Explorer's Kit

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Dear players!
We have prepared a special starter kit that will give you a seamless and exciting beginner experience on our server.
The Kit contains:
- Longboard;
- Calico Housepet;
- Unique House Desing (will be available after level 50);
- Kit Mistsong Weapons (divine t2 Grade);
- Kit Obsidian Armor (Divine Grade);
- Patrician Status for 1 month;
- Scarecrow Farm Design( Special);
- Lucky fishing Rod for 15 day (with automatic fishing function);
- Farm Cart;
- Fish-Find Longliner;
- "Lapis Fae Wing" Glider;
- Flamedancer for 30 days;
- AAFREE Supply Pack (contains expendable materials).

You can receive this exact kit in one of the following ways:
1.If you have previously made any donations and activated at least 1 gift-card on your account, you need to go to your account panel and select a character.
2.If you have not made any donations before, you need to go to our discord and find the gift_request channel there.
You need to type a command: !sendgifts Character_Name (Replace the "Character_Name" with your in-game character name).
The bot will inform you about the status of your request.
If your request was approved, you will need to go to your account panel and perform the actions specified in the first paragraph.

Important notes
  • The gift kit will be sent to your in-game store mailbox;
  • The bot will approve your request if you have not previously sent other requests from your discord account that have been approved ;
  • Your request will be rejected if the character with provided name does not exist or has been deleted ;
  • Your request will be rejected if previously the same character has already received the gift;
  • The gift can be claimed only once per account ;
  • Any abuse of the gift system and use of alternative accounts will lead to permanent banning of ALL your accounts.
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