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Character Pre-creation Phase

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Hey everyone!

The character pre-creation phase begins on February 12th , at 8:00 UTC+3. From now on, the opportunity to reserve a nickname and the appearance of the character will be available to everyone! The server will launch at approximately 8:00 UTC+3 of February 15.


The following is all the main details about the pre-creation period.


What kind of server is this?
This is the first custom server, only here you will be able to feel like a pioneer of the ArcheAge world again. Besides, only here you will be able to explore the previously inaccessible territories and discover the secrets hidden in them!

What does the character's pre-creation phase offer?
For a while, players will be able to create their own hero: choose their appearance, first skillset and name. Keep in mind that entering the game with your character before the launch of the server is impossible!

How many characters can I create in this period?
You will be able to create one character at the stage of pre-creation.

Can I reserve a name for the guild?
That is not possible.

Can I change the race of my character?
No, the race cannot be changed at this stage.

Do I need to re-download the game client?
No, if you do not have problems with the launcher and it is up to date, and the game launches without any errors. Otherwise, we recommend that you download the latest torrent file, which is filled with all the latest updates.

Can I remove a character if I don't like it?
You can't remove it at this stage, but you can edit the nickname, skillset and appearance of the created character.

Will it be possible to create a Dwarf or a Battleborn?
Yes, these races will be available at the start.

Have fun!
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