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Here are some FAQ's
What is the version of the game?
A: Version 3.0 [Now 3.5]
2. Is the max level 50?
A: Max level is 55 [Now changed after updating to 3.5]
3. Will the Patron/premium be available to everyone?
A: Yes, all players will have a Patron/premium for an unlimited period of time.
Description of stats:
Regenerates 40 Labor every 5 minutes Max Labor: 5000
Bestows 9 Loyalty Tokens daily for logging in.
Increases XP gain: +500%
Increases Vocation Badge gain: +100%
Decreases production time: +100%
Increases Vocation Badges gain
Increases Honor Points gain In addition, you will be able to get 3 loyalty coins for each hour of the game for a maximum of 9.
4. Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?
A: No since the labor points will be more than enough, we decided to introduce a ban on the so-called alternative accounts.
5. What happens to the chests and costumes from the game store?
A: There will be no pay-to-win store on our server only cosmetics and other minor items. You will also be able to get items from it for your PVP + PVE activity. And there will be a constant item rotations.
6. Will the game receive constant updates?
A: Yes, they will. However, we want to focus on our own updates. They will be no less ambitious than standard updates, and perhaps more.
7. Will you crack down on bots and cheaters or don't care about them?
A: Yes, we will (by all means possible), do not worry about it.
8. Will you drop the server in a month?
A: We won't quit. We have a strong and dedicated team that loves this game.
9. Can I play on the NA server from my RU/EU account?
A: Unfortunately, no, an additional account will have to be created for the NA server.
The thread will be updated.
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