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[Free Gift] Bonus gifts for New Players!

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Dear Players!

Lately a lot of our new players have brought friends with them to play on our server. This is great for our community and we want to celebrate that. On the 14th of November a new bonus program was introduced for these players!

This promotional programme will provide players with items for your group of friends to help you settle and progress in our server.
  • Merchant Schooner - 1 piece. (Given to the group leader)
  • A full set of Dewy Dawnsdrop gear! (unbound)
  • Thatched Farmhouse Design - 3 designs
  • Black Arrow - Mount 11.5 m/s (bound) - Given to every group member
  1. The group leader must include in the application only players that joined the server with the group. The players must have started playing after the 28th of October 2020. It is not allowed to include any player who started playing on the server before this date.
  2. You need to have at least 5 people who started playing on the server with you included in your application.
  3. The application is written in free form. One player must be chosen as a group leader to represent the group of players. The character names need to have been created and exist on our server. We have the right to request additional screenshots in case of any suspicion of any attempt to abuse the bonus programme and it's rules.
  4. The bonuses will be sent only after all players specified in the application have reached Ancestral Level 1. In the event that a number of players change their minds and/or do not want to take part in this programme anymore, or refuse to fulfil the condition indicated above, you must mention this in the application you will submit.
  5. If the group leader changes his mind about playing, the group of players should have a second leader candidate to take the previous one's place.
  6. Items are only allowed to be distributed between the main player accounts. In case of distribution of bonus items to accounts not specified in the application or distribution to any alt accounts (server rules allow for 1 main account + 2 alts), the items will be removed, and the player who abused the rules of the bonus program will be fined.
  7. The maximum waiting time for items to be delivered is no longer than 14 days.
  8. This promotional offer is on-going until stated otherwise. It can be ended at any time by the decision of the administration. If this occurs then players will be notified in this thread 24 hours before the end of the promotion.
In order to submit your application and receive your bonuses, the chosen group leader should contact Андрей (Лан)#2371 in the discord or contact him in private messages on the forum.
Items can only be received if you are part of a group of players with characters which were created after the 28th of October 2020.
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