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[Game Event] A Million Scarlet Roses!

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Dear Players!
They say that on the day of their wedding, Illion gave Lady Marian a million scarlet roses. In honor of the upcoming royal wedding anniversary, you can also please your friends and loved ones with wonderful bouquets! The celebration will go on until the start of professional work on March 16.
Find the Chocolatier Roche on the Mirage - she will tell you about the celebration and give you the task of making a bouquet of roses. It can be "gifted" to any player from your union by taking the hero to the target and clicking on the flower icon in your inventory. Such a lucky person will receive a blessing that increases all the main characteristics of the character by 30 units. In one hour.
Talk to Roche again and take another bouquet from her. Use it and Roche will give you a box with Gilda stars and a box "Sweet Tooth Joy". In it you will find one of the pasta cookies: some will restore labor points, and one will turn you into a huge flower.
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