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[Game event] "Boxes from the airship"

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Many, many boxes have been nailed to the shores of the Mirage. They say that somewhere in the sea fell a mysterious airship full of all kinds of goods, and now these things are on the island. Help the beach keepers deal with the sudden influx: no one will mind if you take what you find for yourself!

True, you have to work a little: to open the box, you need to spend 200 labor points. In addition, your character must be at least level 53. But you are guaranteed to receive the reward that lies inside. Among the items can be valuable mount Crimson Lightning and mount Tame Seabug and many usefull things!


Crimson Lightning
Tame Seabug

Tidal Bungalow Design
Any-Post Parrot
Shimmering Stone
Moonlight Archeum Essence
Sunlight Archeum Essence
Starlight Archeum Essence
Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
Bound Prime Weapon Temper
Sunlight Archeum Crystal
Moonlight Archeum Crystal
Starlight Archeum Crystal
Mining Drill
Fishing Pond
Bound Majestic Tree
Migration Talisman
Accessory Regrade Scroll
Weapon Regrade Scroll
Armor Regrade Scroll
Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll
Bright Dawn
Draught of Forgiveness
Blue Salt Manual
Crest Brainstorm
Hastener Scroll
Kingdom's Heart
Ancient Library Relic
Chronofeather Ball
Random Migration Talisman
Secret gift
Elixir of Insatiable Greed
Merit badge
Tax Certificate
Mysterious Garden Powder
Hereafter Stone Bundle
Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy
Flaming Pinion
The event will run until the start of maintenance work on August 21: you have only a week to clear the beach until the flow of boxes finally dries up.
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