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[Game Event] Drenching Arena

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Dear Players!
You've probably heard a lot about the Drenching Arena. How, no? Then listen carefully. If you think that a hard battle cannot be fun at the same time, then this is a big mistake. At least, the mentor of the future king Epherium was sure of this. Especially for the heir to the throne, he came up with a special entertainment. And now you can try it!
Before the start of maintenance work September 2, one more arena will be available in the list of arenas - the only one where you can rightfully say to your opponent: "I'll get it!" Because it is here that funny battles take place: two teams of three people each arm themselves with special water guns and begin a fierce, but absolutely bloodless battle.
Before heading into battle, be sure to talk to the NPC by name Azura Austera, Stormraw Sound, Marianople, or Diamond Shores. He will tell you about their history and give you a special
daily quest.
The Drenching Arena is available 24/7 for heroes from level 55 and above. Battles take place in the 3 by 3 format, the equipment of the characters is not taken into account - the battle is fought with water pistols and water cannons. All amplifying and damaging effects dissipate upon entering the arena. The duration of one battle is no more than 5 minutes. The goal is to defeat 10 opponents or score more points in the allotted time than the enemy team.
Available skills:
  • Splash Attack: Does not consume vitality, and fires a water gun at the enemy, causing 10-15 damage on hit. Additionally, when hit, the vitality is restored 100 to 200 (cooldown: 2 seconds).
  • Water Canon: Continuously fires a water gun at an enemy by consuming 1000 Vitality. Deals 1000 to 1500 damage per hit. (cooldown: 3 seconds)
  • Hydro Bomb: Use 5000 vitality to fire a water bomb at an enemy. Hits an enemy with 5000-6000 damage. (cooldown: 5 seconds)
  • Teleportation: Teleport forward 15m. (cooldown: 10 seconds).
In addition, before starting a funny fight, you can choose a dye for the water in the gun.

  • Purple Paint: Splash Attack Damage +100%;
  • Yellow Paint: Water Canon Damage +10%;
  • Green paint: Hydro Bomb Damage +10%.
You can take part in any number of battles per day, but you will need a Bruiser's Badge to register for the fourth and all subsequent arenas.
As a reward for the battle, you will receive Kyrios Badge и Lansisha's Crystal — which can be exchanged for items at Festival Shop. In addition, for completing Azura quest and special achievements you will receive Water Coins — and they can also be exchanged for additional rewards.
Festival Shop contents:
  • Adventurer's Goblet of Honor — 3 Lansisha's Crystal или 1 Water Coin;
  • Honorable Vocation Potion (1000) — 1 Water Coin;
  • Honorable Victory Potion (1000) — 1 Water Coin;
  • x2 Labor Reward: 500 — 1 Water Coin;
  • Silver Leviathan Statue
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Festival shops will be available until the start of maintenance work on September 9. Don't forget to spend tokens, as all unused items will disappear along with the shops.
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