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[Game event] Ghost Wedding

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Виновник Всех бед
Команда форума
Their love was beautiful and sacrificial. They dreamed of a luxurious wedding. But this dream never came true. They were destroyed by the cruel, lifeless land of the Graveyard of Dragons. He was the first to leave. But thanks to the strength of his love, he was able to wait for his beloved at the very gates to the halls of Nui.
Starting from 09:30 (UTC+3) on November 11 and until November 25, a festival will be held in the White Arden, which is dedicated to the wedding of the elves Briggid and Vict, who are known to you for a number of tasks in the game. The selected location for the duration of this event will be peaceful and any skirmishes will be strictly prohibited there.
In order to make it easier to move to the White Arden, special spatial rifts have appeared, which are located on the Diamond Shores, in Marianople and also in Austeria.
What do you need in order to take part:
Arriving at the venue of the holiday, you need to talk to the keeper Arden Guard Finis and Arden Guard Delmin. One will tell you about the celebration, and the other will offer you several assignments. For completing these tasks, you will be given Ghost Wedding Coin. The same tokens will be given to you for other completed tasks by several more NPCs that are nearby.
The musicians also had problems. Mrs. Strauss worries that a guest minstrel is interrupting the playing of her musical trio with his singing. But the singer is not so easy to catch! He comes to the celebration only at 13:00, 19:00 and 00:00 (UTC+3). Catch him, play the instruments near the minstrel and help the musicians in exchange for 2 Ghost Wedding Coins.
The quest can be completed 3 times a day.
Coins can be exchanged until December 2 in a special shop located in the White Arden, as well as on Mirage.
List of goods that can be obtained for coins:

Sacred Echo
80 coins
Bashing Bouquet
50 coins
Mendelsson's Sketch
20 coins
Brown "Snowlion Snuggles" Painting
20 coins
White wedding Wine
5 coins
White Wedding Appetizer
5 coins
Using the Bride's bouquet (available once every 4 hours) you will receive one of the awards from the list. The bouquet is valid for seven days, after its expiration the bouquet will disappear. Its validity period starts from the moment of purchase.
White wedding wine
White wedding treat
Combat Boost: Haste Grimoire
Combat Boost: Ward Grimoire
Fusion Alembic 1-10 pieces
Secret gift
Merit Badge

Multi-Purpose Aging Larder
Pet Accessory Regrade Scroll
Bound Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
Bound Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
Bound Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
Superior Waveglow Lunarite (x10)
Superior Fireglow Lunarite (x10)
Andelph Patrol Mech

Destruction Safeguard
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Players who have collected the most Ghost Wedding Coins during the festival will be able to receive an additional reward:
  1. The first player to collect the most festival coins will receive Wrapped Stormwraith Kirin;
  2. The next 4 players on rating will receive 3 Destruction Safeguard;
  3. Ghost Wedding Coins received for achievements will not be taken into account;
  4. Additional accounts (alts character), not included in rating;
  5. Rating calculation will start from 00:00 (UTC+3) November 12. Quests taken before this moment, and completed after, will not count towards the rating;
  6. Players will be able to spend the Ghost Wedding Coins they have received, it is not necessary to have them in their inventory at the end of the event.
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List of winners (in descending order of received Ghost Wedding Coins):
  1. Imperial
  2. Miruru
  3. Ххх
  4. Konigzavulon
  5. Савва
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