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[Game Event] Hallowtide 2022!

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Dear players!

Hallowtide comes, you’re in for a fright on our server AAFREE.to!
It's time to cut decorative lanterns from pumpkins, ride snails and treat yourself to sweets. The celebration will last until the start of maintenance work on November 4.
helloween aafree.to.png

General information:
The festival takes place near the hot springs in Solis Headlands and near the arena in Two Crowns. By tradition, you can make a creepy pumpkin, ride a snail with a breeze, get your own pot for cooking potions, and then immediately try it out. And, of course, at 8: 00, 14: 00 and 23:00 (UTC+3), its time to participate in the competition of candy throwers in Two Crowns.

Moscow Time (UTC+3)NA Time (UTC-5)China Time (UTC+8)
solis aafree.PNG

2crowns aafreee.PNG

Spooky festival shop:
Players will be rewarded with spooky tokens for their activity. They can be exchanged for holiday decorations or other useful things:

ItemAmount of tokens neededBound/unbound
Windwraith's Pipes80+
Wool of Bat Broomstick20-
Eye of Newt Broomstick20-
Jumbo Jack-o'-Hattern Plushie20+
Candy-fueled Shellraiser20+
Captain's Portrait (see below)20-
Rickety Picket Fence25-
Decorative Ezna Spirit Flute (see below)20-
Ezna Spirit Flute25-
Pumpkin Spiked Gate20+
Wooden Pumpkin Lantern20+
Pumpkin Spiked Fence20+
A handful of candy5-
Pumpkin Hat20+
Inquisitor's Robes100+
Bat Nap (restores 100 labor) (see below)100+

Decorative Ezna Spirit Flute:
aafree.to helloween.jpg

Windwraith's Pipes:
aafree.to орган.jpg

Captain's Portrait:
aafree portrait.jpg

Inquisitor's Robes
inquisitor costume.png

Pumpkin Hat
pumpkin cap aafree.jpg

Bat Nap

After talking 3 times with a wandering bard who writes songs about spooky, the character will receive the achievement " Ghost Song "(reward-1 Hallowtide Token ). A wandering bard can be found on the festival grounds (both on the Solis Headlands and in Two Crowns).

In addition, players will receive materials for witchcraft as a reward for tasks. You can make a witch's pot from them in the smelter and brew excellent potions in it. With one of them, you can easily summon the spirit of some great hero (or a simple farmer) — and on the occasion of the Spooky Ghost will leave a random gift.

-To complete the task "Spiritual session", you need to brew a potion for a spiritual session from 3 potions of Growth and 1 Blue Salt Hammer.
-Pumpkin caramel can be created from yellow and blue pumpkin candies using the Smelter: section [Quest].
-A witch's cauldron can be created/made using a smelter: section [Quest] (for more information, see below).
-Labor Points are spent on making potions.

Achievements at the Spooky festival:
All achievements in "Hallowtide" are hidden: they will only be displayed after completion.

AchievementConditionToken reward
Jack of All LanternsTake part in all the Hallowtide wine events (from the list below)5
Lantern LighterComplete the task "Lantern Lighter" 10 times-
Experienced Pumpkin carverComplete the task "Pumpkins for the Dead " 10 times-
Experienced candy hunterComplete the task "Candy Hunter" 10 times-
Oversea sweets IIComplete the task "Commemorative Pumpkins" 10 times-
Ghost songTalk to the wondering bard 3 times1
Sweet RetreatTake the Festival Worldgate to Solis Headlands x101
Ghostly GatewayTake the Festival Worldgate to Two Crowns x101
Of Greed and GivingThrow Taffy at the Pumpkin x200 1
A wandering bard can be found on the festival grounds (you can talk to the bard once every 30 minutes) you can find the bard in the following places:
-at the houses near the festival venue in Two Crowns
-in different parts of the arena in Two Crowns
-under the tents and on their "roof" at the festival venue on the
Solis Headlands.
Please note that after maintenance work on November 4 that festival will be end
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Read this guide carefully in order to complete the quests for Hallowtide.
Mini-guide to quests Hallowtide:

Materials you will need:
-medicinal powder-10 units,
-ground grain-10 units,
-Blue salt knives -5 units. (you can buy at the place where you complete the task of making a creepy pumpkin),
-Blue salt hammer - 1 unit. (or more craft hammers if you want to spend all the tokens at once).

Spooky quest Line should start with the hot springs at the Solis headlands (East).
After arriving at the hot springs (you can move through the festival gate located in your faction base), you need to go down to the open tents and speak to the NPC called Hallowtide Guide Bongro, a decorator who gives a quest for making a creepy pumpkin. To do this, you will need 5 Blue salt knives and 1 pumpkin, which you will be given from Bongro. There is a traveling merchant nearby, where you can buy blue salt knives. The Hallowtide Pumpkinhead Workbench for making the necessary pumpkins is located next to Bongro.

Then you can run to the next NPC Snail Trainer Zerk. This quest will give you a snail for half an hour. You need to summon it and mount it then, go in search of sweets that are randomly located in dropped pouches, you need to find the right candy using a special skill of the snail.

Even if you found one on your first pouch, do not rush to get off the snail! You will need another candy for future crafting (any color). So collect another candy. In addition, extra candy can be used to speeding up the snail — to do this, you need to target the snail and use the candy from the inventory. Do not despawn your snail early! the snail has a minute cool-down and wont allow you to find more candy!

We move along the fences and pumpkins to the NPC Snail Trainer Zinpio and Pumpkin Carver Suyeon, handing her a purple candy and a creepy pumpkin, the character gets "Magical Copper details" - 2 units. and a new quest - delivery of pumpkin with candy for Welkos. To continue the chain of festival quests, you need to use the world gate to Two crowns, which can be found near Zinpio and Suyeon.

Festival Keeper Kennis will give you a quest which leads you to Welkos. Welkos, is located near the Two Crowns arena, near fences and pumpkins. Welkos will ask you to light three pumpkins (small pumpkins in hats located next to each other called Decorative Pumpkin Lantern). Reward — 1 spooky token and a "Rapid growth potion" that allows you to get 10,000 experience. "Potion of Growth" should not be used — it will be needed for further crafting!

Next, you need to go to a smelter, which is located nearby → section [Quest] and craft Pumpkin Caramel from candy and a "Witch's pot" is created from the crafted pumpkin caramel and Magical Copper details obtained from the quest.
We go back to Welkos, show him the cauldron, get two white bottles — "Ghostly Essence Potion", a second Potion of Growth and also a new quest.

Place the pot on the ground by right clicking it from your inventory in any convenient place nearby (the pot disappears after 30 minutes!) and use it to create 2 potions for the task: Honor Elixir (medicinal powder — 10 units and Ghostly Essence Potion obtained from Welkos) and Vocation Elixir (ground grain-10 units and Ghostly Essence Potion obtained from Welkos). We turn in the quest to Welkos and get the third "Potion of Growth". For the next quest, you need to brew the "Spiritual Potion" in your witch's pot — for this you will need 3 Potion of Growth - 3 units - and a Blue Salt Hammer -1 unit. It is the Spiritual Potion requiring Potion of Growths counts for completing the "Spiritual Seance" quest.

This is the end of the daily line of Hallowtide quests.

Anchoring charm1
Windwraith's Pipes1
Bat Nap1
Boil and Bubble Hat1
Toil and Trouble Hat1
Poison'd Entrails Hat1
Arcadian Smart Rod1
Superior Fireglow Lunarite3-6
Superior Waveglow Lunarite3-6
Dawn of Glory1
Dull Alchemical crystall2
Brilliant Alchemical crystall2-3
Combat Boost Scroll1
Superior Combat Boost Scroll1
Labor Reward (1000 ОР)1
Sylvas Nocturne Top1
Sylvas Nocturne Shoes1
Sylvas Nocturne Bottoms1
Spirit-Mimic Balloons1
Sylvas Nocturne Headgear1
Honorable Victory (500 чести)1
Bruiser's Badge1
Adventurer's Spellbook: Unstoppable Will3
Gilda Star2-3
Elixir of Insatiable Greed 2
Merit Badge2-4
Flaming Pinion3
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