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[Game Event] Knights of Hearts

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You've probably already noticed that Daru decided to expand your business and open - all of a sudden! - dating agency. The idea may sound strange, but just think: a huge number of clients turn to auctioneers every day. Among them there are those who are in search, which means ... you can try to introduce them to each other, right? Today the bureau starts working in full force and will be open until the start of maintenance work on February 26.
Since the auctioneers cannot leave their post, they will need your help. Talk to any of them to find out which one. The task will be very simple: in a special pot on the Mirage Isle, you need to prepare sweets and take them to one of the potential clients of the dating agency.
The quest is available daily for characters level 53 and above. Please note that only one candy can be prepared per day. But to make it, you do not need to be a master culinary specialist, because the pot is magic.

For helping the gift, you will be treated to special healthy sweets. The reward will be chocolate covered strawberries (when used for 1 hour, it increases evasion by 5% and attack speed by 111 units, and also reduces the use time of the skill by 10%) and chocolates (allows you to get 1000 vocation badge or 1000 honor)
If you regularly deliver sweets to the bureau's clients, you will receive an additional bonus:
  • For 10 candies with butter fondant - the title "Master of Love Potions" and the "Harvest Rabbit";
  • For 10 chocolates with jelly filling - the title "Lovers' Defender" and the " Harvest Rabbit " lamp;
  • For 10 sweets in waffle crumbs - the title "Fighter of the Love Front" and the lamp " Harvest Rabbit ";
  • For 10 roasted candies - the title "Golden" and the lamp " Harvest Rabbit ";
  • For 10 marzipan sweets - the title "Knight of Hearts" and the lamp " Harvest Rabbit ".
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