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[Game event] Moringa Breeder 2023!

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Dear players!
From April 6 to April 20, the Moringa Breeders Competition will be held in the world of ArcheAge. As a reward for successfully bred high-quality plant varieties, many valuable items await you: from useful infusions to the rarest Destruction Safeguard!
During the event, you can receive one Vibrant Moringa Fruit daily by clicking on the gift icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Such fruits among breeders are equated to objects of epic quality, but improved varieties can be worthy of louder titles - right up to the Mythical. To try to bring the fruit to a higher quality, you will need to purchase a special item from a new shop on the Mirage - Moringa Regrade Scroll. It costs 50 gold and gives one upgrade attempt. At the same time, the varietal moringa fruit can both become more valuable and crumble into dust.
Aafree Supporter status holders will additionally receive one vibrant moringa fruit daily.
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Moringa that has been successfully upgraded to a certain “level” can be exchanged for breeder rewards in the same shop. Depending on the quality of the bred variety, you will have access to:
  • for the Unique fruit - an incentive prize containing 20 Tax;
  • for a fruit suitable for the status of a "Celestial" - a small prize, which contains 1 Golden Moringa coin and 2 Dawn Moringa Fruit , each of which allows you to restore 500 labor points;
  • for a fruit of Divine - a big prize, inside of which there are 2 Golden Moringa coins and 5 Dawn Moringa Fruit;
  • for the fruit of Epic - a bronze prize, in which you can find 3 Golden Moringa coins and 10 Dawn Moringa Fruit;
  • for the fruit of Legendary - a silver prize containing 5 Golden Moringa coins and a Superior Yellow Regrade Charm;
  • for the fruit of Mytchical - a gold prize with 7 Golden Moringa coins and a Superior Red Regrade Charm.
For the received Golden Morings here, in the shop of breeders, you can purchase the following goods:
  • Destruction Safeguard - 15 coins;
  • Duun's Blessing - 11 coins;
  • Verdant Whisper Wings - 5 coins;
  • Detective Corgi - 5 coins;
  • Labor Reward (1000 op) - 2 coins;
  • Goblet of Honor - 1 coins;
  • Secret gift - 1 coins:
Additional reward:
Among all the players who received the Moringa of the Mythic, after the end of the event, unique prizes will be drawn (in the lottery format):
- Glider "Ravenspine wings";
- Glider "Eagle";
- Wrapped Stormwraith Kirin.

Please note that the reward will be non-personal and you can transfer it to another character.

Festival shops will be available until the start of maintenance work on March 10. Don't forget to spend tokens, as all unused ones will disappear along with the shops.
Only players who have reached level 55 can take part in the event. Additional accounts will not count towards Moringa
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Dear players!
The event end and we would like to announce the winners. We've made the decision to give another Ravenspine Wings that will go to one of the players who earns the Legendary Moringa Fruit (excluding the winner in the first category).
List of
RNG participants:
  1. Silvia
  2. Fyrfela
  3. Shiory
  4. Shurkin
  5. Blamewars
  6. Bentilator
  7. Honesty
  8. Superwoman
1) The player who first scored the most Legendary Moringa Fruit - Златовласка;
2) The player selected by the RNG - Shurkin.
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