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[Game-Event] Moringa Event

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Dear Players!
Miracles are all around us! The Blue Salt Brotherhood asked us for a favor. They’ve got a cargo with Vibrant Moringa Fruit, which must be processed.
But that turned out to be not so easy (what a surprise...). Seeds do not like water or soil, they do not need to be planted or taken care of. They just need to be improved, like the character's outfit.
Have no idea why Brotherhood needs these seeds, but they are ready to exchange them for quite valuable gifts!

Every day starting from February 20 until March 11 the Brotherhood will provide you with 1 Vibrant Moringa Fruit that can be obtained by clicking on a special functional button, it is in the lower left corner of the screen.

Keep in mind, the Fruit is temporal and at the end of the Event will disappear!
In Mirage you’ll find "Moringa Fruit Exchanger"


There you can buy scrolls for improvement of the Moringa Fruits, 1 scroll = 15 gold.

With a scroll, you can try to improve the Vibrant Fruit. To do this, click on the fruit itself using the right mouse button. Keep in mind, the chance is far from 100% and you can hardly upgrade it right away to Mythic. That is only for the luckiest ones...
So, have you already improved the Vibrant Fruit? Congratulations! You can exchange the improved Fruit to rewards in the same "Moringa Fruit Exchanger".

The higher quality of your Fruit - the higher the reward!

What you can get:
  • Unique - Bound Tax Certificate x20
  • Celestial - Dawn Moringa Fruit x2 (restores 500 LP)
  • Divine Item - Dawn Moringa Fruit x5 (restores 500 LP)
  • Epic Item - Dawn Moringa Fruit x10 (restores 500 LP)
  • Legendary Item - Bound Superior Yellow Regrade Charm x1
  • Mystic Item - Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm x1

Golden Moringa tokens can be exchanged for the following items:
  • Downgrade Safeguard (Safeguards against downgrading caused by Regrading failure.) — 15 tokens;
  • Duun's Blessing (Allows you to transform non-bound Superior Red Regrade Charm into Silver Regrade Charm, which increases the base chance of regrade success by 2.5 times) — 11 tokens;
  • Red Dragon's Legacy (Deco item) — 5 tokens
  • Leafpile Greenman(Battle pet) — 5 tokens;
  • Labor Potion (restores 500 labor points) — 2 tokens;
  • Bound Healing Potion (Restores 30% of Max Health) — 1 token;
  • Bound Mana Potion (Restores 30% of Max Mana) — 1 token.
Only players who have reached level 53 will be able to take part in the event.

We wish you the best of luck!​
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