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[Game Event] Pawesome Festival

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Виновник Всех бед
Команда форума
Organization Beastmaster announces the start of the next recruitment of activists! Take part in the annual festival in defense of our little brothers and receive gifts.
The event will begin after maintenance work on May 26 and will last two weeks - until the start of maintenance 9 June.

Traditionally, the festival takes place in WindScour Savannah, just east of the SkyFang settlement. At this time, battles between players in these territories are prohibited.

Every day, all the participants of the festival are waiting for tasks from Nairamdal. For completing them, you will receive Pawesome Coin. and a blue quality pet. This baby can only be released in your own home - when interacting with him, the "Choose toys for pet" function will be available, which allows you to raise another pet with the help of a certain material.
Possible pets:
  • Young Calico Housepet
  • Young Seal-Point Housepet
  • Young Gray Tabby Housepet
  • Young Orange Tabby Housepet
  • Young Black Cat Housepet
  • Healthy Wolfhound Pup Housepet
  • Brown Yata Calf Housepet
  • Green Elk Calf Housepet
In addition to these tasks, you can get one time to listen to the story of Ranchhand Jack , for which you will receive 1 token. In addition, every day at 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 (UTC+3), the "Return to the bosom of nature" message will give you 1 token. You can do it all three times. Also, additional tokens can be obtained for completing some achievements dedicated to Beastmaster.

Completing Ranchhand Jack Side Quest will reward you with a Festival Coin and a Welsh Corgi Pup . It can also be raised into one of the pets:
Welsh Corgi , Pilot Corgi , Pirate Corgi , Inbread Corgi.

The tokens received during the festival can be exchanged for useful items:
  • Evergreen Yata Buff - Increases Defense +300 for 1 hour — 2 token;
  • Vibrant Greenman Buff - Increases Magic Defense +300 for 1 hour — 2 token;
  • Pet Leash — 10 token;
  • Tufted Pet Tower — 20 token;
  • Cozy Pet Bed — 20 token;
  • Playful Pet Cushion — 20 token;
  • Wooden Pet Bed — 20 token;
  • Beastmaster Token — 5 token;
  • Collectible Cutout Box — 5 token;
  • Yata Flute — 25 token;
  • Decorative Yata Flute — 20 token;
  • Alchemy Powder Pouch — 5 token;
  • Ravenspine Wings (15 days) — 40 token;
  • Yellow Lucky Cat - 80 token.
You can exchange coins for items before the start of maintenance work on June 16.

The organization "Ferré for the Compassionate Treatment of Animals" calls on everyone not to remain indifferent and to participate in the festival!
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