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[Game Event] Prosperity symbol 2022

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Golden trees, on which unusual apples grow, are mentioned in the legends of various peoples. The Narayans are no exception: they believe that the sacred golden leaves bring good luck and wealth. The fruits shimmering in the sun have long become a symbol of magic and well-being.
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From now until the start of maintenance work on July 8, heroes of level 55 and above can receive a goldenleaf sapling from Runako in Mirage every day. Plant a tree and you can harvest golden apples from it every 30 minutes. One collection costs 200 Labor points. The gold leaf will disappear after the third time or after 10 hours (without interaction), and with the last fruit you will get a gold leaf.

Would you like to always have a symbol of prosperity nearby? Collect the leaves and take it to Runako. He will gladly trade them for home decorations and a fertility spirits potion, granting 500 Vocation Points.

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  • Wooden box with a gold stamp (5 leaves): 1 Potted Dawnleaf and 1 potion.
  • Stoned box with a gold stamp (5 leaves): 1 Dawnleaf Planter and 1 potion.
  • Dawnleaf Decor (14 leaves): 2 Potted Dawnleaf , 1 Dawnleaf Planter, 3 fertility potions.
According to legend, golden apples have a precious core. Find out what's inside the fruit and get a random gift.
Fine Fireglow Lunarite;
Fine Waveglow Lunarite;
Superior Fireglow Lunarite;
Superior Waveglow Lunarite;
Earth Lunarite;
Specialization Snowflake;
Greater Weapon Tempe;
Greater Armor Temper;
Super Weapon Temper;
Super Armor Temper;
If you uncovering 30 apples will grant you an achievement and a title that farmers will surely love!
Wealth and prosperity!
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