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[Game Event] Rum Runner Rapids!

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Dear Player!
The waterfalls in the Rookborne Basin are waiting for the daredevils. The competition for barrel riders begins today, August 05, and will last until on August 19. Take part in one of the most extreme events in the world of ArcheAge and earn Festival Tokens!
Competitions are held near the Thundering Rapids. To get here quickly, take advantage of the special portals in Austeria, Marianople and the Diamond shores.
Ehner and Brewmaster Vaughn will meet you in the festival area. The first will tell you about making barrels suitable for rafting, and the second about the conditions of the competition. Three descent tests await you - each more difficult than the last.

Before starting the rafting, do not forget to speak to the messenger standing next to Brewmaster Vaughn. In addition, Nogan can be found near them three times a day - she also has a task for you.

NPC spawn table (3 times per day)
Moscow Time (UTC+3)NA Time (UTC-5)China Time (UTC+8)

By participating in the festival, you will earn coin. In a special shop, they can be exchanged for the following items:
  • Vaughn’s Potent Stout - 1 Coin
  • Vaughn’s Soothing Tonic - 1 Coin
  • Vaughn’s Energizing Spirits - 1 Coin
  • Hangover Cure - 1 Coin
  • Barrel Rider Token (Title: +1% Swim Speed) - 3 Coins
  • Carrot Wings (Derp Donk/Donkasus/Pegadonk) - 35 Coins
  • Midnight Swimtop - 12 Coins
  • Midnight Swimbottom - 12 Coins
  • Sunrise Swimtop - 12 Coins
  • Sunride Swimbottoms - 12 Coins
  • Barrel Splash Swimtop - 12 Coins
  • Barrel Splash Swimbottoms - 12 Coins

Ehner will instantly give you the token while you have to drink a beer for Vaughn before you'll get it from him. Vaughn also allows you to choose a potion buff that increases Evasion+Atk/Movement Speed/Healing, but inflicts a Hangover debuff (Decreases Focus). He additionally gives a Hangover potion which increases labor by 100 and removes the Hangover debuff.
Each of the bathing suits available for coins gives the character different bonuses:

  • Barrel Splash Swimtop increases the supply of air while under water by 30 units, and the Barrel Splash Swimbottoms- increases the speed of collecting resources under water by 4%:
  • Sunrise Swimtop allows you to swim 15% faster, and the Barrel Splash Swimbottoms will increase the supply of air while underwater by 30 units:
  • Midnight Swimtop and Midnight Swimbottom Each of items will add 500 units. to the skill of fishing.
Please note that swimwear pieces fit into armor slots and cannot be used as transfiguration support items.
The festival shop is available until the start of maintenance work on August 19.
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