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[Game Event] Shadowguard Festival

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Welcome to the Shadowguard Festival!

This part of the celebration will last until the start of maintenance on May 17. You can take part in it by going to the Falcorth Plains , where battles between players are temporarily prohibited on this occasion. Portals in Maryanople and Austeria will help you get to the venue faster.
In the Settlement of the Wind, the heroes will be greeted by Ferre Kuyan and Kayman: they will tell you how to make your own fireworks (we recommend that you grab the gunpowder in advance!), And show the way to the main place of the festival - the Cliff of Warriors Birth. It is here in the dark that you can admire the bright "heavenly lights" and help the organizers of the festival to conduct it as best as possible. To do this, you will have to complete various tasks, for example, help to catch a frightened chick, bring 100 Lumber to strengthen the pillars of observation decks, or fight back the undead that appear from a rift that periodically opens nearby.
Participants, of course, will receive a reward - depending on the complexity of the goal, one or more tokens of the Shadowguard Festival will become it. Moreover, most of them can be obtained for collecting 30 trophies from Aegis Island on the instructions of an NPC named Tehasha - in exchange for them, he will give you 30 tokens.

Until the start of maintenance work on May 24, the accumulated funds can be exchanged for unique items in the shop next to the Warrior Birth Rock. The list of products contains all sorts of things, from toys to high quality runes!

The assortment is available;

Monastic cheese (increases health regeneration by 20 pts. within 30 minutes)5 tokenПерсональный
Cream cheese (increases mana regeneration rate by 10 pts for 30 minutes)5 tokenПерсональный
Dessert cheese (increases experience gained by 10% for 30 minutes)5 tokenПерсональный
Small Shadowguard Firecracker (rocket launching garden decoration)100 tokenПерсональный
"Snowlion Snuggles" Painting Purple or pink20 tokenПередаваемая
Set of painted toys-yatt (unique wooden toys that you can use to decorate your home)100 tokenПерсональный
Vivalt's Sketch20 tokenПередаваемый
Flamesinger100 tokenПередаваемая
Astral Fire Lunadrop (increases strength by 9 pts.)50 tokenПерсональная
Astral Gale Lunadrop (increases agility by 9 pts.)50 tokenПерсональная
Astral Earth Lunadrop ( increases stamina by 9 pts .)50 tokenПерсональная
Astral Wave Lunadrop (increases intelligence by 9.)50 tokenПерсональная
Astral Life Lunadrop ( increases spirit by 9 pts. )50 tokenПерсональная
Astral Lunadrops can be used to decorate armor or underwear. And to see what decorative objects for the home look like, you need to click on their name in the table above.
In addition, the 5 heroes with the most festival tokens will receive a nice bonus at the end of the event.
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