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[Game Event] Zodiac Festival 2023!

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In ancient times, the world of ArcheAge greeted the middle of winter with a magnificent festival. It's time to revive the old tradition! From 17:00 (UTC+3) on January 23 until the start of maintenance on February 6, there will be Lunar Celebrations - a festival during which you can enjoy tasty and healthy treats, learn stories about the Heavenly Wheel and, of course, receive gifts.

The festivities are held in the grasslands of the Solis Peninsula, near Wardton . So that nothing can interfere with the fun, all battles are prohibited in this location during the holiday, except for guild wars.

Be sure to recognize your Heavenly Wheel sign before heading to the festival. To do this, find a Constellation Jar in the assortment of goods for Merit badge. It costs only 5 stars and will allow you to get a title with the designation of your sign, which will be useful for participating in the celebration.

A variety of tasks await you at the festival site: from a cooking lesson to an owl hunt. In addition, you can try to grow a rare moon tree seedling or help other players grow. Only the touch of a hero with a suitable Heavenly Wheel sign can make the tree bloom, so try to work together.

For completing each task, you will receive a reward - festival tokens. They can be exchanged in the holiday shop for the following items:

ItemPriceCan trade?
Kismet Star Shard (Furniture)40Yes
Secret Gift5No
Berry caramel 2No
Saucer with a blue border (Furniture)20Yes
Frozen Snowflower Pipe25Yes
Stardust Flower (Furniture)40Yes
Decorative Snowflower Pipe (Furniture)20Yes
Stellar Scarecrow Plushie25No
Book "Legend of the Constellations"5 and Constellation JarNo

Festival shops will be available until the start of maintenance work on February 13. Don't forget to spend tokens, as all unused ones will disappear along with the shops.
The 5 players who first collect the most tokens (excluding achievements) will receive 3 personal Destruction Safeguard.
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