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Gifts in Honor of Release 4.0 and New Years !!

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Dear Players!
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In honor of the release of Update 4.0 and the past new year, the Project Administration has prepared Gifts for the players!

Gift content:
1)Moonfeather Griffin Box (Unbound);

  • Run!
    Increases Pet Move Speed +50% for 10.0 sec.
  • Mounted Arrowshot
    Fires an arrow that deals damage equal to 100% of your .
  • Wind Strike
    Leaps into the sky and sends gusts of wind towards the land. Slows enemies in the target area and deals.
  • Glide
    Glide through the skies with your mount for 5.0 min.
  • Skydash
    Increases glide speed +50% for 5.0 sec. Can only be used while gliding.

2)Ember Nymph (Battle Pet);

  • Burning Arrow
    Shoots a burning arrow that inflicts greater damage than a regular arrow.
  • Recover Health
    Restores 2600 of the pet's health
  • Soul Combustion
    Increases Attack Speed +1,000 for 12.0 sec, but also increases received damage +30%.
  • Concentrated Fire
    Showers a target with arrows for a short duration.
  • Swift Evasion
    Triggers a backwards leap and briefly grants invisibility. Resets the cooldown for Concentrated Fire when using Soul Combustion

3)Glass Phoenix - Glider;

4) Naval Service Uniform (Costume);
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5) Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll |Armor 1 piece. (Unbound);
6) Superior Yellow Regrade Charm 1 piece. (Unbound);
7)50 Loyalty Token;
8)100 Gilda Star;
9) Watermelon Popsicle 10 piece. - XP gain and Loot Drop Rate +50% for 30 minutes.


Conditions for receiving the Gift:
The character must be level 53 and above;
Login date 30.12.2020 07:00 - 08.01.2021 07:00.


Gift receipt method:
Go to your profile on the game website and select the character for whom you will receive a gift!
Please note that the compensation set must be picked up at the mail before January 21th, otherwise it will be lost !!
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