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Gliders [Guide]


Gliders are a unique take on flying mounts that allow you to control your character in the air while also taking into account gravity, height, duration of flight, and potential obstacles in your path. Gliders will always tend to, well, glide down; different models have more or less time and ability to stay aloft.

Gliders are equipped to your character’s back in the same slot a trade or resource pack would occupy, thus preventing you from gliding while also carrying a heavy load!

The basic glider is offered through an early quest line and can be upgraded through the crafting system at various levels. There are multiple different glider models, including one dropped by the legendary Kraken.

Every glider has a set of ratings in these basic stats:
  • Flight Speed: Speed of forward movement.
  • Gliding Ability: How slowly it loses altitude.
  • Turning Speed: How quickly (and thus sharply) it can turn.
  • Initial Speed: Does it start out fast or take time to build up speed?
In addition, gliders can have a combination of special abilities such as an upward boost to quickly gain altitude, the ability to drop explosives on targets below, dive-bomb, quick side-rolls, etc.


To fly in ArcheAge, you will need a glider first acquired around level 10 and you will need to equip it on your character screen. Once equipped, your glider will be shown on your character's back and will resemble a shield, to draw your glider and begin flying you can double tap your jump key or use a hotbar key (default is (Shift)+(=)).

While flying you will be able to change your height, directions and speed while using your movement keys or mouse with the primary button held down. When flying the only limit to where you can explore is whether or not you have sufficient height to pass over obstacles. The higher you are on the terrain when you deploy your glider the further you will be able to fly and the higher the obstacles you'll be able to fly over.

Flight time and distance varies depending on the glider you are using, your height at take off, and whether or not you have skills to prolong your flight. Most glider flights are also limited to 3 minutes as indicated by a buff on your character however some rare gliders have flight times up to 10 minutes; If the buff runs out while you are still in flight you will fall to the ground and take fall damage. Dismounting (R)too far above the ground will also cause fall damage.

Racial Glider Quest
Every race has a quest which after completion will reward you a basic glider.

Flight Tips
  • The higher up you are when you take off the further you'll be able to fly. Look for hills or towers from which to begin your flight.
  • Although there is no fast way to descend beyond dismounting mid-flight pressing forward and left or right will bring you in to a steep descent spiral.
  • Some objects and landmarks reward experience when you land on them; Look for interesting places to touch down.
  • Gliders can be used on water surface to quickly travel above water or sea.

Upgrading Your Glider
The Experimental Glider you obtain can be upgraded three times. Each upgrade is in the form of a blueprint purchased for gold at Mirage Island, you use these blueprints along with your glider in the Machining section of a Carpentry Workbench. The upgrades must be done in order, if you want the Enhanced Glider then you must upgrade to the Improved Glider first.

  • The Improved glider requires level 10 to equip.
  • The Enhanced glider requires level 15 to equip.
  • The Ultimate glider requires level 20 to equip.
Types of Gliders

Name Cost Location Flight Speed Gliding Ability Turning Speed Initial Speed
Experimental 5s Mirage Isle Low Low Low Low
Improved 25s Mirage Isle Moderate Low Low Low
Enhanced 50s Mirage Isle Moderate Low Moderate Moderate
Ultimate 1g Mirage Isle High High Moderate Moderate
Red Dragon 150 Gilda Stars Mirage Isle Very High High Moderate Very High
Moonshadow 150 Gilda Stars Mirage Isle Moderate High Very High High
Thunderbolt 150 Gilda Stars Mirage Isle Low Very High Low Very High
Ezi 150 Gilda Stars Mirage Isle High Very High High High
Corrupt Ally's Wings Marketplace High High Moderate Moderate
Red Goblin Explorer's Chest High High Moderate Moderate
Feathered Dragon Kraken loot drop Kraken Very High Unknown High High
Founder's Experimental Moderate Low Low Moderate
Glass Phoenix High High Moderate Moderate