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Guide | How to contribute to the project? (alternative way)


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Step 1: You must go to a special site and select the type of voucher you need.


You can only purchase one voucher at a time, bulk purchase is not available now
Step 2: You will be redirected to the payment page, on which you will need to click on the Buy button.
Step 3: If you previously had an account on this site, you just need to log in to the account (otherwise you will need to go through a simple registration procedure).
Step 3: Now you can purchase a voucher using the payment methods available to you:
a)If you are experiencing problems with the payment methods available to you, click on the Add Funds button, which you can see in the screenshot above. This article should help you if you have additional questions;
b)Sometimes the payment system may request additional verification, in this case you will receive a letter to your mail or a notification in your personal account. Please take this into consideration and provide the requested data.

Step 4: Please copy the voucher you received. It should look something like this - 25B571BB571BB571BB571BB571BB57B25 , where 25 - is the type of your voucher.

Voucher Exchange
Step 1: Go to the site and specify your voucher in a special field, then select the value of your voucher. After this, you will receive a special code that you can enter in your personal account on the site.

Card typeAmount of Credits
5 USD​
25 USD​
50 USD​
100 USD​

I hope this guide helps you, good luck!
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