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How to get the "Streamer" role on discord.

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To receive the Streamer role in Discord, you must meet several requirements.
  1. You have to regularly stream or release videos/clips on Youtube / Twitch
  2. Your audience on one of the channels, must exceed 1500 subscribers / followers.
  3. You must be over 18 years old.
  4. Your channel must be connected to Discord.
What are the perks of the Streamer role?
  • Ability to write to a special chat to notify users about the start of the stream or a released video.
  • You will be visible at the top of the list of all discord users.
  • And other bonuses.
The Streamer role is aimed at expanding the fanbase for the project and for the streamer by collaboration.
The administration has the right to refuse the Streamer role, even if the Streamer passes through the above mentioned requirements.

For the role, please message "Staff" members on Discord.
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