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New Arena Forest Guardian Lair

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Виновник Всех бед
Команда форума
A unique arena in which you have to run and jump.
This arena cancels all active buffs and debuffs.
This arena is in test mode, rewards are lowered.
Please report all found bugs and glitches to our ticket system: http://lk.aafree.to
Arena Description:

  • Arena mode: 2 players vs 2;
  • Number of rounds: 3;
  • For victory it is necessary: to win in two rounds, pushing a team of opponents into the water;
  • Reward for victory: 100 honor points (Will be changed after the arena testing is completed);
  • Reward for loss: none;
  • It is forbidden to use combat skills in the arena;
  • Players who will not take part in the battle will be automatically killed;
  • Players who constantly break the rules and do not participate in the battle will receive fines of 1,000 to 10,000 gold.
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