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[Promotion] Donate and receive free bonus gifts!

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Dear players!
From 16:00 (UTC+3) on April 30 to 16:00 (UTC+3) on May 10 a new promotion is taking place. When you donate and add credits to your account you will now also receive free and unique gifts! The type of bonus item depends on the amount you donate.

How to donate:
- First method
- Second method

Donation amounts and the gifts you will receive:
$5 payment (1250 credits)
- Labor Potion 500 LP (bound), 5 pcs.
$25 payment (6250 credits)
- Superior Red Regrade Charm (bound), 1 pc.
$50 payment (12,500 credits)
- Andelph Patrol Mech - a unique "riding" mount that will allow you to hide from enemy attacks.


Increases your movement speed by 50% for 10 sec. Not useable whilst carrying a trade pack. Cooldown - 30 seconds;
Allows you to pull the enemy to yourself. 20 metres range. Cooldown - 21 seconds;
For 3 sec. amakes the rider and mount immune to all damage. Increases movement speed by 100%. Cooldown - 33 seconds;
Two-handed Slam
Allows you to leap 12 yards forward and deliver a powerful area strike. All enemies within a 5m radius will take damage and be staggered. Cooldown - 15 seconds;
Owner's Escape
Allows the mechanic to quickly leave the mech and be at a safe distance from the enemy. Not useable whilst carrying

$100 payment (25,000 crystals)
- Safeguard (bound), 1 pc.
Please note that the display is incorrect in the game. At the moment, this safeguard protects your item from both failure and downgrading. It can be used on an item at any grade.

How exactly is the bonus calculated?
• For example, if you buy a card for $50 (12,500 crystals) and then enter the code in your personal account then 12,500 crystals + the bonus items for all 3 categories of $5, $25, and $50 are added to your cart.
I bought crystals to a friend and gave the code to him. Who will receive the bonus, me or him?
• The gift will be received by the player who enters the code in his personal account. Whoever made the purchase of crystals does not matter.
Will the bonus be credited to the character or account? Where can I find gifts?
Under account. You can transfer bonuses from the Shopping Cart on the website.
What types of payment are covered by the promotion?
• For all types of payments.
How many times can I receive these gifts?
• Only once.
Are the payments summed up? For example, if I buy 10 codes for $5, will I receive the $50 bonus gift?
• No, they do not add up. If you buy and redeem $5 codes, you will only receive the $5 gift. To receive a gift of a certain category, you must activate the code of the corresponding amount.
I want to get all the bonuses at once. What do I need to do?
• You can purchase a card for $ 100. This way you will receive all the gifts.
What happens if I activate two codes? First $ 5, and then $ 25?
• You will receive a bonus for every activation. Thus, when you activate the code for $ 5, you will receive 5 bottles of ginger drink. And when activated for $ 25, an additional Powerful Universal Catalyst. You will not receive a bottle of ginger drink the second time.
How long is the bonus gift stored in the basket?
• Indefinitely.
I have donated before. Will I be able to receive any of these gifts?
• If you donated after 4 p.m. (UTC+3) on April 12 then you can receive gifts.
How long do I have to wait for the bonus gift to be added to the basket?
• The item is credited within 24 hours.
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