to first custom private ArcheAge server!

Become a Master Crafter

We redesigned the equipment manufacturing system, making it the way you wanted to see it.
Lack of synthesis and sealing equipment!

The god of trade

No trading posts, only original trading from 3.0 version!
As well as new speciality buyers in completely unexpected locations.

Bonuses for everyone! Increased regrade chances!

Each player receives:
- Free Permanent Patron;
- Accelerated pumping;
- Set of starting equipment;
- Reduced chances of equipment damage;
- And many other bonuses.

Start your
Adventure now!

Nuia, the land of those who Live in harmony with nature through their firm belief in the love of the Goddess. Harihara, land at laborers filled with the spirit of the Goddess, possessed of strong will who shape nature itself.

These two continents are where your story begins. Cut across vast expanses of Land on a horse or a snow lion, board a ship and cross the mighty ocean to conduct trade, or search hidden lands tar and wide for treasures.Beware, you might find yourself having to train your cannons on an enemy ship or bombard enemy castle ramparts with a siege engine.

Behind allot these tie the hidden secrets of the awakened land, the Lost Continent and its lormer denizens. Recall the legacy of Delphinad, the greatest city ever to exist, and discover the traces of the ancient heroes and gods who had no choice but to travel to the Lost Continent to destroy it by doing so, you may even hag the conspiracy that is lurking in the shadows of this world.

Combining 10 Ability Trees and 120 Classes.

No matter which one you choose, you can enjoy ArcheAge in many different ways thanks to each one's special characteristics and skills!

Start your battle right now!