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Compensation Set!

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Dear players!
After installing update 4.0, many players faced various problems and bugs that prevented them from enjoying the game. The project administration has prepared a gift for you for your patience and help in fixing bugs!

Compensation Content:
1) Honorforged Medal 20 piece;
2) AAFREE Supply Pack (contains expendable materials);
3) Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 4 (Grants 1,500 Vocation Badges) - 15 piece;
4)50 Merit Badge;

5) Tax Certificate - 150 piece. (unbound).

Conditions for receiving compensation:
The character must be level 53 and above;
Login date 12.30.2020 07:00 - 08.01.2021 07:00

Method of receiving compensation:
Go to your profile on the game website and select the character for whom you will receive a gift!
Please note that the compensation set must be picked up at the mail before January 21th, otherwise it will be lost !!
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