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[Game Event] Ahnimar Founders Festival

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Команда форума
Dear Player!
From June 30 an event started in the Ahnimar from local daru residents. The event will last until the start of maintenance work on July 14.
For quick access to the festival, you can use the portals in Maryanople, Austeria, or at the SHIELD camp on the Daemone Shore. At the venue, the players will be greeted by the caretaker Tarini. He will tell you why the gift needed helpers: this year they have so many little frogs that the teachers do not have time to look after everyone and need help. The work is not difficult - looking after the eggs, payment - with summer festival tokens.
You can find out exactly what you need to do with Eggwarden Dolbu. She will give the character a cradle with a toddler to take care of. Follow her instructions, and with your help, a gift will grow from the egg, which will surely await a great destiny. And the character, of course, will receive the proper reward.
Aliniri mechanic can be found near Eggwarden Dolbu. He needs resources to build a mechanical cradle - 20 iron ingots. Not far from them stands Aguru , who looks after the arowans, tamed specifically to guard the frogs. He also has a task for the players.
In addition, at 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 (UTC+3) on Lotus Song Garden, players will find Ian. He is not interested in raising daru cubs, but he will tell the players about the treasure that his grandfather buried here. And with those who will help to find the buried treasure, he is ready to share.
Tarini, Mary-ri, Eggwarden Dolbu and Aliniri quests are daily and are available once a day.
Ian quest is repeatable and can be completed every time this NPC appears.
The Festival Shop can be found at the venue of the event, as well as in the Mirage.
List of Token Rewards:
And the most active 5 players who have collected the most tokens during the event will receive an additional reward!

Hoverbloom Flowerbed
Клумба с декоративным аллиумом
Daroccoli Flowerbed
Клумба с декоративной брокколи
Daru Streetlight
Фонарь «Птичье гнездо»
Mossy-Moss Armchair
Кресло-кокон с зонтиком
Lotus Leafy-Leaf
Зонтик «Цветущий лотос»
Daru Statue
Позолоченная фигурка «Крошка-дару»
Daru Crest Frame
Позолоченная рамка
Fencey-Fence Post
Каменная башенка
Мшистый забор
Декоративная колыбель
Citrus Caramel (Xp gain 20% for 1 hour)2+
Berry caramel (evasion + 5%, attack speed +111 , cast speed 10%, duration of the effect - 1 hour)2+
Wrathsmite Armor Shard70-
Luckbringer Bag60-
All festival missions are available to characters level 53 and above.
Get into the luckbringer bag and try on a fun outfit! As soon as you get out of it, the costume will disappear, but your character will be affected by a buff that temporarily increases the chance of receiving trophies by 7%. Please note that the effect will work correctly after installing update 4.7
The 5 players who first collect the most tokens (excluding achievements) will receive 3 personal Destruction Safeguard.
Summer Festival Tokens can be exchanged for various items at the Festival Shop. It will be available until the start of technical work on July 14.
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