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[Game Event] Easter Event 2023

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Команда форума
Who would have thought that an eared animal could become a talented jeweler? But the way it is: the master of Fabelgie master is a rabbit who learned to create unique, skillfully designed caskets. He even launched his delivery service to send gifts packed by him. This service is so popular that rabbit messengers can’t cope with the number of orders: you have to lend a paw ... that is, a helping hand!

From April 6 to the start of maintenance work on April 20, help Fabelge master delivery service and get a reward for this! A game event for characters of level 55 and above. The hero for whom you first entered the game will receive a letter. Go with him to the Mirage: Fabelge master will give out a product intended for one of his customers. True, no one will tell you the exact address, but carefully read the prompts and you can easily find the recipient. A task can only be completed once a day.
As a reward for each delivery, you will receive a gift box from the company, a Merit Badge and an item of your choice - a white egg or iridescent dye. For repainted eggs, Fabelge gives another box. The gift may be one of the holiday treats:
  • Blue egg with curls: increases all basic characteristics by 70 within 1 hour;
  • Purple Egg with a Spring Story: Increases damage to combat skills and the healer’s skills by 4% for 1 hour;
  • Orange egg: Reduces damage taken by 5% for 1 hour;
  • Yellow egg with asterisks: Reduces skill cast time by 10% for 1 hour;
  • Terracotta Egg: Restores a large amount of health.
Items are personal and do not have an expiration date. Only one egg effect is available at a time.
Flaming Pinion
Gift of the Little Knight Jake
The gift of the little caster Jake
Drink of Honor
Drink of Vocation Badges
Smoking Regrade Brazier
Mineral Archeum Tree Sapling
Armor Regrade Scroll
Weapon Regrade Scroll
Accessory Regrade Scroll
Ship Component Regrade Scroll
Honorforged Medal
Lucky Moonpoint Shard
Lucky Sunpoint Shard
Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll

Unidentified Pigments
Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
Red Regrade Charm
Green Regrade Charm
Blue Regrade Charm
Yellow Regrade Charm
Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
Superior Red Regrade Charm

Birch Treehouse Design
Good luck! Fabelge will never forget your help!
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For those unclear -

1. Get letter from mail
2. Talk to rabbit on mirage
3. Rabbit gives you a letter, letter says that they want X item in the gift
4. Go to where that item is sold on mirage, look for a rabit with a quest icon, won't appear on minimap

Day 1, claim an egg
Day 2, claim dye

dye egg, claim buff

don't delete the letter you got sent - if you do, you can't do the event.
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