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[Game event] Imperial Culinary Tournament 2023

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The best chefs of the world ArcheAge were convened in Hasla Do you want to show yourself or just try dishes from recognized masters of their craft? Welcome to the imperial culinary tournament! The event starts today and runs until Octorber 13. Characters of level 55 and above can take part in it.
In honor of the event, Hasla has been declared a festival zone. The tournament is held next to the Veroes. To quickly get here, use the special portals in Austeria, Marianople and on the Diamond shores.
Upon arrival, speak with Xuan and her sisters. They will point the way to the tents near the lion race arena - the immediate site of the competition. Take the letters from the sisters to Chef Wok and receive a festival badge and balsam seeds as a reward - these items can then be exchanged for rewards in a special shop.
You can also find other NPCs at the tents, for the fulfillment of the orders of which you will earn tokens - the masters Fun Cho, the blacksmith Fermab and the culinary specialist Khajiit. In addition, daily at 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 MSK, Jolin, tournament manager Wang Yu and merchant Sumani will appear here. Follow their instructions and get a reward too! And note that these NPCs can be completed several times a day.
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What can I exchange festival badge for? On decorative flower beds, a unique lantern, a Crest Plate Decor and other useful things.
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A complete list:

ThingsPricePersonal/or not
Balsam Garden Instrument Decor20-
Balsam Garden Instrument25-
Greenman's Blessing (Increases Magic Defense +300 for 1 hour)2+
Evergreen Yata Buff ( Increases Defense +300 for 1 hour) 2+
Ruby Gembloom Flowerbed25-
Citrine Gembloom Flowerbed15 coins and 1 ruby gembloom petal -
Amethyst Gembloom Flowerbed15 coins and 1 Amethyst Gembloom Petal -
Golden Gembloom Flowerbed20 coins and 1 any gembloom of all-
Chromatic Gembloom Flowerbed15 coins and 1 any gembloom of all-
Ishvaran Contest Decoration20-
Red dragon lantern50-
Crest Plate Decor80+
Phoenix Phish50-
The most active 5 players who have collected the most tokens during the event will receive an additional reward!


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