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Ice Fishing Festival

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Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival. will start at ArcheAge on February 27, which will last until the start of maintenance work on March 20.
There are many famous travelers in the world of ArcheAge. One of them - Voller Mitty - even wrote a book about his adventures on the glacier. This story inspired ice fishing enthusiasts so much that they decided to hold an entire festival in his honor! You can get to the holiday using the portals that are in the command headquarters in Austera, Marianople, or the Diamond Shores to teleport you to the festival .
Characters level 53 and above can participate in the event.

At the festival, players will be offered to feed polar bears and try their hand at ice fishing. But if the meat for the animals is given out on the spot, then the fishing rod, like a real traveler, will have to be made by yourself. This will require 5 Lumber. The festival fishing rod allows you to fish directly from the ice hole and is valid for only half an hour - the more fish the character has time to catch, the more Festival Coins he will receive. You need to talk to Fisherman Hans - he will allow you to use his workbench and give out a reward.

For fishing you need:

  • equip a fishing rod,
  • take a place on the ice at any hole,
  • use the action key [R],
  • For autoblock use RMB on the action icon.


While fishing, you can catch a special item - Waveworn Sack. Inside one of the random items:
  • Weapon Regrade Scroll or Armor,
  • Flaming Pinion ,
  • Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy,
  • Adventurer's Goblet of Honor ,
  • Crimson Watch Research Box ,
  • Silver Crate ,
  • Haunted Chest ,
  • 3 Gilda Star,
  • Festival Coins.
In addition to lumber, players will need iron ingots. The organizers of the festival really want to make a big pot for fish soup, and will reward with tokens those who are ready to donate 20 ingots for a common cause. And to participate in the construction of the snow house, you need to watch out for the dwarf Lazy. It appears on the glacier every day at 8:00, 14:00 and 20:00 Moscow time. Erection of an igloo is a laborious task that cannot be dealt with alone. The more assistants there are, the faster the construction will be completed.

As a reward for helping the campers and participating in local activities, the character will receive Festival Coins - the holiday currency for which you can buy many items in the festival shop. Tasks are updated daily. The list includes many themed home decorations and even a real launch! The Moby Drake is equipped with two hooks for trophy fish, and the hold will hold five more small or medium-sized fish.

And you can also get a unique riding pet Phoenix Phish!

List of Festival Coin Rewards:
Filling "Frosty"2+
Smoked Salmon2+
Through The Miroir Glass Book10 coins and Through The Miroir Glass Scroll 1, 2, & 3 +
Crest 2 Goldfish Lantern25-
Crest Goldfish Lantern25-
Crest Goldfish Heater30-
Crest Fish Kite30-
Goldfish Lantern35-
Santiago's Fishing Rod20+
Moby Drake250+
Phoenix Phish250+
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