Minimum system requirements
ОS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo. or higher
Memory: 4GB RAM
Disk space: 60 GB.
Videocard: GeForce 8000 512MB or Radeon HD 4000 512Mb.

Size: 13GB
Cloud storage Yandex
Size: 13GB
Cloud storage Baidu
Size: 13GB
Cloud storage Mega
Size: 13GB

Game Client Issues
If you have a problem with the client, It stutters and so on.
1) Go to Game Settings, Screen Settings
2) Change the screen mode to window mode or full screen mode
3) Set the FPS Limit to 60 or lower
4) Do not minimize the game window
Launcher issues
In case of issues with the launcher
1) Disable the antivirus or add the launcher to the whitelist
2) Run the launcher as an administrator
3) If you have an old version that is not updated, download the new one and install it over the old one
Login or authorization problems
Login or authorization problems
1) Make sure you enter the correct username and password. You should enter your login (not email) and password for your account on the site (not forum) in the launcher.
2) If you have forgotten your login from the site, you can find it in your profile lk
3) If a B55 error occurs, try to transfer the game to another disc or contact us on.